One-Way Plastic Kegs for Wine and Beer on Tap
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PetainerKegs are lightweight beverage containers manufactured from recyclable PET and designed for one-way use. petainerKegsTM offer wineries and brewers competitive manufacturing and logistics costs while utilizing the same dispensing systems required for conventional steel kegs. The latest kegs feature Non-Auto Release (NPR) fitting for limitless tapping.

Why petainerKegTM

  • Deliver 100% taste and quality
  • Safe, durable disposable plastic kegs with sophisticated oxygen barrier technologies
  • Short lead-time with keg bold molding facilities in the US
  • Reduce costs and initial investment to new market
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Reduced freight cost
  • Zero waste
  • To learn more about petainerKegTM click here

Videos and Instructions

G3 is the exclusive distributor of petainerKegTM in the 13 states in the Western U.S. petainerKegsTM are currently available in sizes of 20 and 30 Liters.

In addition to providing kegs, G3 also offers a new turn-key mobile kegging line that comes directly to customers' locations to fill wine and beer on site. Click here to learn more

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