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Diam Corks

Wine Corks & Bottle Corks
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Technical Corks "Diam"

Diam is a technological closure with a patented composition, which is manufactured from cork and treated by the patented DIAMANT process. Validated by several worldwide independent laboratories, the DIAMANT process uses super-critical CO2 to eradicate 2, 4, 6 – trichloroanisole (TCA) and 150 other compounds.

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For the North American market, G3 is the exclusive distributor of the Diam portfolio of products. We print and finish Diam closures at the Modesto plant.

  • Still wine corks (Diam)
  • Sparkling wine corks (Mytik)
  • Beer bottle corks
  • Bar tops (Altop)

To learn more about Diam products, visit the company's website:
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Diam Video
S. Clifton & G. Brewer: Brewer & Clifton Winery (USA)
"DIAMANT® process is one of the most impressive processes I've witnessed, in any part of the wine industry."
Diam Video
Marco DiGuilio: Winemaker of Vintage Wine Estates (USA)
"It is less waste, more efficiency and retailers or restaurants are actually more likely to buy a bottle of wine from me if they know that it's going to be with Diam closure."

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