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Technical Corks "Diam"

Diam is a technological closure with a patented composition, which is manufactured from cork and treated by the patented DIAMANT process. Validated by several worldwide independent laboratories, the DIAMANT process uses super-critical CO2 to eradicate 2, 4, 6 – trichloroanisole (TCA) and 150 other compounds. Each Diam cork is guaranteed to have no TCA (below the detectable TCA ≤ 0.3 ng/l).

Ranging from Diam 2, Diam 3, Diam 5, Diam 10, and the new Diam 30 , Diam offers a clean and consistent product; where the cork is sensorial neutral.

DIAM has sold more than 1 billion corks to date and continues to invest in research and development. Click here to see what media and winemakers have said about Diam.

For the North American market, G3 is the exclusive distributor of the Diam portfolio of products. We print and finish Diam closures at the Modesto plant. Diam products are now available for online order at www.G3order.com

  • Still wine corks (Diam)
  • Sparkling wine corks (Mytik)
  • Beer bottle corks
  • Bar tops (Altop)

To learn more about Diam products, visit the company's website:
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Diam Video
S. Clifton & G. Brewer: Brewer & Clifton Winery (USA)
"DIAMANT® process is one of the most impressive processes I've witnessed, in any part of the wine industry."

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