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G3 Enterprises is an industry leader in packaging and logistics.

Our Mission

We provide creative, integrated solutions for our beverage and ag industry partners with quality packaging products and supply chain services.

Our Purpose

With proven experience and surprising breadth, we earn your trust.
We exist for you to succeed.

Our Values

Value Creation
Customer Focus

Our Core Markets

G3 serves a broad range of customers in the Beverage and Agriculture industries, including:

  • Wine & Spirits

  • Beer

  • Cider, Cold Brew Coffee
    & Kombucha

  • Specialty Beverages
    & Food

Other Businesses


G3 acquired the Byron Sand mine in 2011 as part of our broader strategy to support the wine and spirits industry. With the Byron Sand mine, the G3 Minerals Division has become integral to major glass bottle manufacturers in Northern and Central California. Today G3 also offers a variety of sand and course materials for golf courses, sport arenas, and large construction projects.


Innovation, Quality,
& Technical Solutions

Discover the G3 Difference

G3 provides integrated packaging solutions from grape to glass. Our team utilizes holistic, analytical approaches to provide solutions for everything from new product packaging to process improvement during any stage of production.

We offer the following technical solutions and support services to help our partners succeed:

Pre-bottling equipment check-ups

To prevent possible down time and/or compromised wine quality at bottling, we offer complimentary bottling equipment audits prior to bottling.

Machine condition and setting evaluation

We provide consultation using data and revolutionary analytics to confidently increase bottling line productivity, assess what settings are critical and where lines perform at peak efficiency.

Packaging and bottling troubleshooting

Our full quality lab, technical team, and innovation group work together to investigate “troublesome” bottlings and determine root causes and solutions.

Product qualification assistance

Whether you are starting up new equipment or qualifying new or different material, our team is there throughout the process. Our primary goal is to ensure our customers have optimal equipment and application capabilities to deliver outstanding value, while using any closures or labels they choose for their brand or product.

Advanced services - a holistic, analytical approach

Oxygen Management Consultation and Solutions: We offer oxygen management consultation, oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing (We have three Mocon Oxtran 2/21s and two Mocon Oxtran 2/61s for testing closures, bag-in-box, plastic bottles and films, and can customize oxygen and relative humidity settings if necessary), Total Package Oxygen studies, wine permeability, closure liner technology and process optimization.


At G3 Enterprises, our commitment to quality, the environment, and food safety includes:

  • Continuous improvement of our processes and reduction of pollution using measurable results
  • Meeting or exceeding statutory, regulatory and customer requirements
  • Involving all team members in a spirit of collaboration, ownership and accountability
  • Demonstrating our long-term commitment to the communities in which we operate; and
  • Communicating relevant food safety information within the organization and throughout the food chain.

Our Bottling Division is ISO 9001 certified and our Closure Division is food safety-certified under FSSC 22000. Some of our quality tools include statistical process control, capability analysis, control plans and FMEA. Our state-of-the-art test equipment includes online vision systems, color spectrodensitometers, NIR spectrophotometers, GCMS and automated torque gauges.

G3 Cares

As a company, G3 is committed to being a positive presence in the lives of our employees, customers and in the communities in which we work and live.


Good for the Earth & Good for Business

G3 is committed to adopting environmentally sound practices and products. Our processes strive to minimize waste, maximize the use of materials and conserve resources. Our belief is that a healthy environment is critical to a successful business. We operate with the highest ethical standards to ensure that we achieve excellence, while nurturing and protecting our land.

Our Label, Closure and Bottling Services Divisions are ISO 14001-certified. To date, we have made significant progress by implementing several initiatives to save energy and decrease potential adverse effects on the environment.

solar panels at G3 corporate campus

kWh of energy saved annually through motion-detecting lights

of waste is recycled at G3 Labels

of processed water is recycled at G3 Mineral

of waste is recycled at G3 Closures

of packaged products are shipped via rail & water

Alternate Energy Use

In 2013, G3 installed a 1MW photovoltaic solar system. This alternative energy system is expected to provide up to 30% of electrical operating cost and save as much as 1.8 million kWh of energy every year.

See Live Monitoring of Solar Power Generation

Waste Reduction

G3 campus diverted 1,005 tons of waste materials from landfill through well-established recycling programs. Through continued efforts, we seek to set the example in the industry by being stewards of the environment in which we live.

G3 Cares

Social Responsibility

Making a Difference in Our Community

As a team, we join forces to support both national and local organizations like the Salvation Army, the American Cancer Society, the United Way and the Center for Human Services. And as individuals, G3 supports our efforts to give back to the organizations we each care about. Time, talent and financial support goes out to our community in the form of tutoring students, facilitating a leadership camp for high school students, building homes through Habitat for Humanity and more. In fact, we incorporate volunteer projects into our off-site training and business planning events to show our commitment to giving. We also have a Matching Gift Program, where G3 will match employees' qualified donations.

Making a Difference in Our Industry

As a multigenerational, family-owned business, we care about the future of the industries we serve: wine and spirits, logistics, packaging, real estate, supply chain and more. We actively support industry organizations and events such as...

G3 Cares

Professional Organizations

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