High Capacity
Ag Hauling Operation

The G3 Ag hauling team manages the largest fleet of gondola trailers in the wine industry. We haul up to 1.6 million tons during a harvest, representing 40% of California's wine grape harvest.

During harvest, G3 dispatches more than 1,900 food-grade trailers from vineyards to winery crush facilities throughout California's wine regions. We routinely move 700 grape loads per day and up to 1,200 loads on peak days.

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Flexible Solutions
Drive Harvest Efficiency

G3 hauling solutions help wineries and growers maximize efficiency via:

  • Multiple Sizes of Bins: 6 tons, 2 tons, and 1/2 tons
  • Multiple Types of Trailers: Grape gondolas and flatbeds
  • Shuttle Drop: Our Shuttle Drop program keeps drivers moving between vineyards and wineries, avoiding lines and speeding turnaround times
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Deep Experience
with Passion

With over 30 harvests, our Ag Team has deep experience in wine grape hauling. Our operational expertise and agile planning combine to provide responsive service for wineries and grape growers large and small.

The team manages operations 24/7 from five local hubs in the North Coast, Central Coast, Lodi, Livingston and Fresno.

Elevate Industry Standards
with Technology

G3 invests in new technologies and proactive maintenance to meet ag transport standards. We offer:

  • Real-time tracking and visibility thanks to GPS equipment on:
  • Compliance with safety standards, CARB, and E-Log reporting mandates
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Comprehensive Hauling &
Transportation Solutions

With our long-term commitment to the Ag industry, G3 is a trusted harvest hauling partner for Ag commodities, including nuts, pomegranates, olives and grapes.

With integrated logistics solutions - Ag Hauling, Ag Transportation, and Warehousing - G3 moves products from California to anywhere in the world, helping our customers' businesses thrive.

Learn more about integrated transportation solutions from G3.

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