Full Service Bottling
Flexible Solutions

G3 Bottling Services provides full-service bottling for wineries, breweries, and other beverage producers. We offer complete component sourcing, on-site lab services and contract packaging through our California bonded Modesto facility, and we also bottle locally right at our customers doorstep with our mobile bottling lines. Extensive experience with a wide range of packages and production volumes gives us the technical knowledge to manage every aspect of our customers' requirements.

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Our bottling
capabilites include:

  • Seven bottling lines to handle a wide variety of packaging formats:
  • 5 ultra-flexible mobile lines to handle virtually any packaging format, from 50ml PET spirits, to 750ml wine bottles, to 3L BIB, to 30L kegs, and almost anything in between
  • 2 high speed fixed lines specializing in 187ml PET, either in traditional or Zipz format
  • No minimum production run size (a minimum daily rate may apply)
  • Multiple shift capability
  • Flexible Sourcing: We can use customers own packaging or source components and provide a turn-key solution
  • Repack and reselect services through onsite California 3PL warehouse
  • Technical Services & Total Package Oxygen Management Consultation

All Formats Welcome-Onsite or Door-to-Door

Our advanced mobile bottling lines are ready to accommodate any package format in the industry. If we need to add capability for a particular project, we enjoy partnering with our customers to expand our scope even further.

Mobile Lines 1 & 2

Glass/PET Bottling

Beverage: Wine

Line Speed

  • Up to 80 bottles per minute


  • Bottle types: Glass or PET, any round shape.
  • Sizes: 187mL, 375mL, 750mL, 1.5mL
  • Max bottle height: 340mm (13.4 inches)
  • Bottle diameter range: 53mm to 109mm


  • Screw Caps: ROPE 30x60 and 30x21, Torque-on 30x60 (WAK, Stelvin Lux, Savin)
  • Cork: Natural, synthetic, agglomerate
  • Capsules: Tin, Polylam, PVC


  • In-line labeling (2 station pressure sensitive)


  • Laser bottle date coding (Julian or calendar)
  • Hot melt case sealing
  • In-line case printing (2 sides, SCC or UPC bar codes)
Mobile Line 3

Alternative Packaging and Spirits

Beverage: Wine and Spirits

Line Speed

  • Up to 65 bottles per minute


  • Bottle types: Glass or PET, round or flask shapes.
  • Sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1.0L, 1.5L, 1.75L
  • Max bottle height: 343mm (13.4 inches)
  • Bottle diameter range: 33mm to 103mm


  • Screw cap packages (ROPE, Torque-on or Continuous Thread)
  • Bar-top / PVC Capsule
  • Gravity Filler


  • Rotary labeler (3 station pressure sensitive)


  • Laser bottle date coding (Julian or calendar)
  • Hot melt case sealing
  • In-line case printing (2 sides, SCC or UPC bar codes)
Mobile Line 4

Bag In A Box

Beverage: Wine

Line Speed

  • Up to 13 bags per minute


  • Sizes: 1.5L, 1.75L, 3L, 5L
  • Max Box Dimensions: 16H x 8W x 16L


  • Premade bags, web fed


  • Leading or trailing spout capable
  • Adjustable filler valve (right, left, center)


  • In-line carton (must be pre-seamed) & shipper forming
Mobile Line 5


Beverage: Wine, beer, other carbonated products, water, coffee, rtd cocktails, kombucha and cider

Line Speed

  • Up to 60 kegs per hour


  • One-Way petainerKeg
  • Sizes: 20L & 30L


  • Filling accuracy +/-=0.5%
  • First mobile keg filler in the U.S.
  • For Modesto Bottling Only, 4 Brite Tanks (chill and carbonate up to 2.7 volumes)
Modesto Only Line Z

Zipz Single-Serve

Beverage: Wine, ready to drink (RTD) mixed cocktails

Line Speed

  • Up to 160 glasses per minute


  • Zipz PET packaging
  • Size: 187mL (multiple shape options available)


  • Shrink Sleeve


  • Most advanced Oxygen Management system for any single-serve option in the market
  • Laser bottle date coding (Julian or calendar)
  • Bulk DescramblerCase forming
  • In-line case print and apply application (1 side)

Quality Process & Control
-More than Meets the Eye

Our team of experts include microbiologists and chemists who understand beverage behavior under every condition, as well as engineers, mechanics and operators dedicated to optimizing our processes. As part of our service, we conduct multiple quality checks per hour throughout the bottling of a product. Our quality checks include the following:

  • Steam Sanitation
  • ATP Swab Analysis
  • Continuous Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring (DO)
  • Filter Integrity Testing
  • Hourly Checks for oxygen levels, fill height, label placement, cap torque, case print and finished good quality
  • Additional quality checks as required by our customers
  • Daily Production Logs documenting quality and production results always available to our customers
  • Technical Services support on call during all operating hours.


At our Modesto facility, our quality lab performs the following analytics to meet customer specifications:

  • pH
  • Acidity (VA/TA)
  • Residual Sugar (RS)
  • % Alcohol (ETOH)
  • Density
  • Sulfur Dioxide (Free SO2 / Total SO2)
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen Level (DO / HSO / TPO)
  • Microbial Testing


  • ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System