Sustainable Transformation
of Wine Grape Pomace

Each year California wineries produce more than 450,000 tons of winemaking by-product materials. As a key partner to the wine industry’s sustainability program, the G3 Ag operation provides a fully-integrated service for grape pomace, also known as grape marc—the discarded grape skins, seeds and stems that remain after pressing. G3 manages approximately 40% of the wine grape pomace produced in California.

We receive pomace throughout California and transport it to our FSMA-compliant storage and processing facilities in Livingston and Fresno. G3 recovers these winemaking solids to produce high quality GP+ grape pomace as animal feed. Repurposing grape pomace as an animal feed reduces landfill waste and greenhouse gases associated with composting.

Grape Pomace
Animal Feeds

G3 sells both dry and wet GP+ wine grape pomace as feed for California dairy cows, beef cattle, and poultry. We sell GP+ both domestically and abroad.

Grape pomace provides important dietary fiber, protein content, and antioxidants. Read more about grape pomace for animal feed in these resources:

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