Creative Approaches
for Standout Labels

The G3 Label Division team partners with each customer to fully understand their objectives and create a customized approach to every project. We are reliable, full-service providers of premium quality pressure-sensitive and cut-and-stack labels.

Proven Capabilities

The G3 Label Division offers a variety of high quality printing technologies to meet customer deadlines and market demands, including pressure-sensitive flexographic, cut-and-stack offset, and digital printing. We enhance custom label designs with foiling, high-build tactile coatings and embossed or debossed elements and textures.

Advantages include:
  • Full printing capabilities tailored to fulfill all job sizes
  • Fast turn-around times
  • In-house ink laboratory
  • Inventory program for selected customers
  • Internal design and digital production
  • Packaging and design consultation available upon request
  • Multiple locations (Napa Valley, Central Valley, El Dorado Hills)
  • Technical Services Support

Pressure Sensitive

11-color Flexographic printing
  • Foil stamping
  • Emboss/deboss
  • Tactile screen
  • Roll to roll/roll to sheet
  • Wide selection of substrates


7-color Digital offset printing
  • Individualization
  • Serialization/Variable data
  • Specialty inks
  • Hot stamp
  • Emboss/deboss
  • Tactile screen
  • Wide selection of substrates

Cut and Stack

8-color UV offset printing
  • Foil stamping
  • Emboss/deboss
  • Specialty die-cutting
  • Sheet fed

Bottle Etching for
a Lasting Impression

The G3 bottle etching team in Napa, California, thoroughly understand the importance of label design, and we approach bottle etching with the same commitment to each customer’s vision.

We use techniques such as precision sandblasting and finely detailed hand painting to personalize or enhance wine bottles, replicate logos, or recreate labels from any glass surface to large format wine bottles.

Innovations Provide
Distinctive Options


Paired with EarthLabel™ technology, GTREE™ is an environmentally sustainable 100% PCW high-performance wet-strength wine label stock. GTREE™ contains true recycled fiber and has one of the greenest environmental footprints of any label stock available. It is specifically designed for increased resistance to water absorption, allowing GTREE™ to maintain its premium appearance even when exposed to ice bucket conditions for prolonged periods – no wrinkling, no peeling from the edges, and no greying out! GTREE™ is available in a range of different adhesives, weights and surface textures.


G INK opens up new creative opportunities with a wide range of color options. G INK provides a high-quality look and feel with consistent technical performance on coated and uncoated paper stocks, including laminates, and in combination with other design techniques such as foil and embossing.

Current Technology:

  • G INK™ Reflection – A cost effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to hot foiling
  • Thermochromic Ink – A temperature-sensitive ink capable of changing color at a defined point.
  • Photochromic Ink – An ultraviolet sensitive ink that activates upon exposure to UV or sunlight
  • Bichromic Ink – A color-shifting ink with interactive colors when viewed from different angles of light
man proofing labels

Quality & Process Control

At G3, we understand that quality is the key to customer satisfaction. We carefully plan and engineer design, production processes and quality controls; we monitor each service and product we offer, from label printing to the durability of our adhesives. We take every opportunity to refine our approach by implementing customer input, lean principles, and cutting-edge statistical methods.

Our quality checks include the following:

In-house Ink Lab
  • Custom color matching to customer's requirements
  • Color held to <0.5Δ e
  • On-site ink technicians, 24-7
In-Process & Final QC Verifications
  • CPC 24-color scanner on press to provide feedback to operator for color correction (ΔE, % within tolerance, density, dot gain)
  • On-press color verifications using Xrite spectrodensitometers
  • Stratix UPC code scanners / analyzers
  • Registration: print-to-print, print-to-cut, print-to-emboss, print-to-hot foil stamp
  • PS label position on web
  • Scuff tests, tape test, bottle-impact test, ice bucket test